Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Free Bird Flu Guide in every mailbox

HOME may 2
By the end of this month , every household will be issued a guide on bird flu , after the flu pandemic, the government has now seen the need to issue hese flu guides, everything essential to countering or even avoiding bird flu will be written in the book . i think that this step by the government is a very decisive and smart move, as we never know when another flu pandemic may arise, keeping a guide in handy wil definitely help increase the odds and the awareness of the people of this pandemic. i believe that the government should also issue other types of guides to the people so as to ensure that the people are and will be ready to face any disasters or epidemics that we may face in the near future.

Help for retirees seeking jobs

FORUM may 2 2006
The Singapore WorkforceDevelopment Agency (WDA) is in partnership with other associations to help match job seekers and etirees to find suitable jobs for them ,now a days in the new year, more job seekers are of age 40 years and above, and about 1000 who are over the age of 60 years old. now a days more retirees are trying to find jobs, as they either feel the need to work, or they have to help "finance" themselves or their children. i believe thatthese job seeking agencies have done much good to the society, as they help to constantyl improve the lifestyles of the people , and in the long run will boost the economy, and ensure that unemplayment is just another thing of the past.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Lift fine fo thise who dont vote

FORUM may 2
a fine has been set for all the people who did not vote during the elections, a minor $% fine has been implicated by the elections comitee, to be imposed on those citizens who did not vote during the elections. unless they have valid reasons, a small fine or $5 is required . Singapore has one of the worlds most number of voters, and we should keep it that way and mantain it at that particular level . Therefore , i feel that the $5 fine should be lifted ,and a new fine be imposed, as in a counrty like Singapore, $5 would not cause that much of a hole in the pocket, as i believe that the elections are very imortnant, a much heavier fine should be implemented, to ensure that people will vote. i was thinking a fine of maybe $10 or more should be put in play, this would ensure that voters in Singapore would vote !

Monday, May 08, 2006

China names new bishop 'with papal approval'

China and the Vatican have been battling because of problems due to appointment of bishops. the Vatican had criticised China and claimed that China did not inform them of their appointments of the new bishops, and are unhappy that these bishops are being appointed without the popes notice. The Vatican and China have ben trying to create better relations with one another but now they have ended up having a dispute with one another , over a matter which would have been solved easily if both parties put in more effort in communicating with one another. i think that China should have given more respect to the Vatican and let the vatican decide whether or not to appoint the bishops , as the vatican is the most powerful place of its religion , thus defying their "orders" would cause them to have lesser hold and respect from the other countries. Therefore i personally think that China should listen to what the Vatican has to say and act accordingly. Thus if this is done, peace and better relations can and will be made.

Firm plans to sell fuel converting kit for cars

the straits times may 8
German outfit says that is has made a device that will enable fuel powered cars to use cheaper natural gas (CNG) . This alterntive if used by the people would greately reduce polution caused by cars, as cars using fuel , emit harmful gases which are bad for the environment, natural gas would have no harmful effect on the environment, and ensure that the air will be clean.
i think that if this method is succesful, the world will be in for a greener future, and further more if the natural gas(CNG) really works, many markets would be opened selling new green car products. i see only an upward trend if these devices were to work .

Gomez stopped from leaving Singapore, police confirm probe

the straits times, may 8 2006
Defeated workers party member James Gomez was stopped from leaving Singapore yesterday and questionedby the police for eight hours. Mr Gomez was stopped because he was under investigation from a complaint sent by the elections department .
For all those that are unsure, James Gomez was the person who claimed that he had submitted his form to the department. when sercurity cameras showed that he did not submit his form.
this caused much problem , as many people such s the PAP accused hi of trying o amage the government and dicredit the elections department.
in my point of view , i think to myself, how careless can a person get? or was he really up to something when he refused to submit his form . people say that he just wanted to create trouble, i feel that he was kind of stupid, knowing that he was a candidate for the elections, why would he want to jeperdise his fellow members in losing the elections?

Friday, May 05, 2006

PUtting Maternal instincts to work

LIFE paper 4 may 2006
Mom's the word , as more and more businesses are set up to cater to the needs of parents, and their babies.
as when mothers go throught pregnancy, they encounter many problems that affect their daily lives, clothes for an instance , cause problems to mothers, as they are unable to purchase or even find proper/stylish nursing clothes .
now many businesses have been set up that have specialised equipment and facilities for mothers who want to nurse their child, or do any other activity with their child.
in my point of view, i think that these newly set up businesses are very good ideas, as it not only promotes eutrepreneurship, it also gives mothers a wider array of equipment and facilities to use for their babies and children.
in a new generation like this, many mothers are working mothers, and cease to spend ample time with their child, and thus have many difficulties in handleing their child. Thus these small businesses are helping hands which can help promote the relationship between mother and child and thus form closer bonds within the family

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Poly Student's business makes $100,000 a year

Mr Andrew Koh , had been under many events companies in the past, then he decided to start working for himself.
he started off small , he himself with his buddy, Mr Wong, they moved their "office" into Mr Kohs house , and tried to make the best of the space available.
Andrews parents were unsure about him at the start about his nes "hobby" but they soon realised that their son was really serious in his work, and thus they cheered him on . throught his perservearance and hard work , Andrew Koh's events company grew bigger and bigger , for 2 people to 14 people , and he made his first $100,000 soon after.
i believe that this article can teach us alot in life, if you want something badly, just put in effort and hard work, and soon you will see the results.

Changi Hospital cuts down prolonges stays for elderly

HOME tuesday 2 may
Changi hospital has cut down the times for elderly to stay in the hospitals after they have recovered, this was after studies and tests made by doctors of a few hospitals.
Studies showed that most pateints who stayed in hospitals for prolonged times had reasons such as "social" problems and problems with their families , and thus had no where else to go but stay in the hospitals.
It was shown that all the patients who prolonged their stay in the hospital for more then a month soon caught some infection , even though they were discharged much earlier.
thus i believe that this is a good move done by the hospitals, as this would prevent more confusion and further harm to patients who would already be cured .
The hospital has also done the right thing in helping the elderly who have been in the hospital for a prolonged time , to reunite with their family members , or be able to carry on with their lives.

Factory rejects? Govt spends more on ITE students than JC ones

HOME tuesday may 2

This was what opposition WP leader Chiam See Tong said about the school streaming system set up by the PAP , he complained that JC students were given lesser attention as compared to the ITE students, as $7000 more was spent on each ITE student as compared to a JC student, and then he quoted that ITE students were "factory rejects" . I stand by minister Tharman who took on Mr Tong , and defended the rights of the ITE students.
In my point of view, many taughts ran throught my mind , like who the heck does this fellow think he is? who in the world gave him the authority to criticise people who are in the ITE? i am totally disgusted by his speech , if you had something to talk about in rallies , please speak of something of real quality or base, not just fashionable political talk.
does he not know that different people have different learning styles? many people like him think that ITE means "Its The End" , but i beg to differ , some ITE student find jobs faster then graduates, and their skills in their work may surpase those of the JC students.
Thus i say please do not defame people if you have no right or no proof to what you have to say .