Thursday, February 23, 2006

S'pore pioneer Rajaratnam dies
thursday February 23, 2006
when i heard that our very own pioneer foreign minister had passed on, I was downtrodden. Rajaratnam was one of the founders of Singapore and he contributed alot towards the building of Singapore. From the article I found something that had touched my heart. He once said," on my identity card, it says my race is Indian. But I don't care if you call me an Indian or Eskimo. What is important is whether you consider me a good man." This statment caught my attention. Belonging to a minority race, he still manage to instill values into others. His passing was indeed a great loss to the country.

Space Adventures To Build Spaceport In Singapore

Space Adventures Ltd. said Monday it plans to develop an integrated spaceport in Singapore that will offer sub-orbital spaceflights and operate astronaut training facilities and a public education and interactive visitor center. Singapore is one of the best-connected countries in the world. It is home to one of the world's busiest air and sea ports.
In my point of view, if this really happens, Singapore will further prosper into an even more cosmopolitain and developed country , as it would be the first in the world to have a space port to send people to space , this would boost Singapores economy greater then what the IR's would do , therefore i am for the development of a spaceport in Singapore !

Sunday, February 12, 2006

When Mom and Dad are from different races

Life page febuary 12'06 L12
Being a child of intermarriages has many good points , but at the same time they can also bring about alot of trouble and conflict
racial disputes not only happen on the large scale, when we look into the subject , many racial diputes arise even among parents ! imagine a child standing in between his/her parents during a fight over racial issues ,imagine the amount of stress and trauma he/she would get , and whenever his/her parents let him/her be the judge on whose right or wrong , imagine the pain and agony of seeing your parents fighting these are just some instances of the problems that may arise because of intermarriages. although it may sound quite unreal, many cases of these happenings have already occured and comosions brought about because of minor indifferences . racial conflicts are unavoiable, but at a husband to wife level , in my point of view, these conflicts can be solved easily without any further problems. i think both sides must first understand the culture, practices and ways of their partners race and religion , only this way can racial conflicts be resolved. This also applies to the world , if people can understand one another better, many racial disputes can be avoided ! therefore HEED my advice and please promote racial harmony , in our families AND in the WORLD

EAT less , LIVE longer

Life Page Febuary 12 '06 L9
"eat LESS or STOP eating when you still want to eat MORE . Exercise everyday, work hard and SLEEP" were some of the words of wisdom our minister mentor had to give when popped with the question what kept his good health .
now in a country like Singapore, where food is abundant and available till the whee hours of the morning, more and more people are indulging themselves in the many delicacies that Singapore has , food like laksa , char kuay teow,chicken rice are common favourites, not forgetting the hundreds of fast food restraunts all around Singapore, i think that Singaporeans should really start to watch their diet .
eating fruits has also proved to help you to lenghten your lifespan , as fruits have many nutritional values for the body .
Furthermore eating less has proven to cause people to live longer ! as staying healthy is the key to a long life.
So food for thought , if you eat less AND correctly, you will live longer

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Danish consulate in Beirut ablaze

just a few weeks ago, a large comosion broke out after the publication of cartoons of Prophet Mohammad drew condemnation from European capitals and moderate Muslims. danish and norwegian embassies were set ablazed and riots on the streets were frequent . i believe that these danish cartoonists either have balls of steel or are dumb as blocks of wood , who in the right mind would do such a stupid thing , even though i am not a muslim , i feel really hurt when other peoples religions are being made fun of or despised. so it is only right that the people react in such a way , although the cartoons were publicated in Europe , it sent shock waves to he muslim communities all over the world, even the muslim community in singapore expressed its views on the cartoons . in the 21st century , we must not act rashly or stupidly , we have to think before we act , to prevent such things from happening, a thus i wish that these sort of thing will not happen in the future ever again (which i doubt will happen)

Iran ends snap atomic checks, enrichment suspension

i believe that because throughout the years , Iran has made many countries afraid of what it might unleash on them, through countless terrorist attacks to wars to battles all resulting in harsh losses. NOW Iran has plans for nuclear technology , claiming that they are using it for good, whether or not this is true remains unknown , but the UN and many other countries are trying their best to prevent Iran from attaining nuclear technology , as they are worried that Iran might use their nuclear technology to harm other countries, now the world is waiting for the IAEA's decision on whether Iran should continue with their nuclear expeditions. in my view , i would allow Iran to have nuclear technology , on the condition that they be closely monitored and also at the slightest news on nuclear weaponary , close off their access to nuclear technology. therefore if Iran does as it says and use nuclear technology for the good of man kind , it will be a win win situation for Iran and its neighbouring countries