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Out-Classed by foreign students ?

The Strits Times 1st April 2007

Ri was beaten by UWC, Hwa Chong had the same fate. So are foreign students really out-classing our very own home grown students. I personally think this is not the case, its just that foreign speakers have a more natural edge on speaking as compared to us native speakers.
Nevertheless with abit of training and practice , i think that we will be able to win the debating competition.
Touching on the point that foreign students have better grades then local students. This at points of time are inevitable. Picture this, you are a foreign student who stays in Singapore, your parents are not with you neither anyone elso you know, your parents send you to a school and tell you to study. Compare that to a Singapore child, obviously the foreign child with 10 times more free time as compared to the Singapore chld would have so much more extra hours to study study study .
overall i feel that maybe , yes at this point of time foreign students may be better then Singaporeans in terms of language and results, but if we push on and work hard, we will without a doubt be better then te foreign students.


Blogger Clarence Tan said...

I was indeed saddened to learn about the local media writing an article that compared local students to students from international schools based on the results of a recent debate competition.

Isn't there enough pressure on local students to perform already? Nowadays, getting an A1 in the O-Levels is no longer something that would earn you a pat on the back, in fact it is very common. Is there really a need to put more pressure on our students with this unneccessary and I must insulting comparison? In a system created by our own government, Singaporean students are generally taught to work hard and obey instructions unlike more liberal international schools where their students are encouraged to question and speak up. So are our students really incompetent as compared to students from international schools or is it the system ineffective? I hope the media will be more responsible the next time it decides to write articles like this one and stop putting unnecessary pressure on our already over-pressured local students.

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