Wednesday, February 28, 2007

"Study Causes of floods before blaming Singapore"

The Straits times 1 Febuary 2007

Recently Datuk Abdul Ghani of Malaysia has blamed Singapores land reclaimation for being the cause of massive floods in Kota Tinggi, he said that the land reclaimation done in pulau Tekong were the cause, as the reclaimed land pushed excess rain watcer into Malaysia.
Sadly many investigations had been done even by the Malaysian government and universities which concluded that there was no link between the land reclaimation and the floods that have been causing much problem in Kota Tinggi.
I felt appalled that Singapore was blamed for the floods even though we were not the cause of it, i think that such nonsensical statements made by the authorities of Malaysia are not necessary , because they only cause trouble between the two countries, there is no need to blame Singapore for something that they did not do because it would put a bad impression on the other country for blaming another country wrongly for no reason .
I hink that Prime Minister Najib is working and thinking smartly . ensuring that everything is proven before making remarks.


Blogger Clarence Tan said...

It came as no surprise to find out that another Malaysian government official has blamed Singapore for her short-comings.

Since the days of Dr. Mahatir, Singapore has ALWAYS been portrayed as the bogey-man always threatening the existence of Malaysia and it looks like things will not change any time soon. This ignorant and poorly informed minister must do his research before blaming anyone for his own short-comings. How would he feel if Singapore claimed an increase in our crime-rate because of an influx of Malaysians without any proof?

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