Friday, February 02, 2007

Number of jobs created last year in record high !

The straits Times Febuary 1 2007

Slightly over half of the 173,300 jobs created last year went to Singaporean's and PRs, much higher then last years record of 113,300 jobs created.
This has greatly benefitted Singaoire , especially after SARS and 9/11 which put many people out of a job. slowly and steadily, the economy is getting back into gear and everyone is starting to step up too.
Now as more jobs are created and we do not have to worry so much about the jobless, the country can now emphasize on building up other areas such a in terms of the life styles of Singaporeans, building up our cultures and love for the country.
I feel that the increase in jobs created is a very good thing , but we must not take things for granted, as if another ig event such as SARS or 9/11 happens again we have to be prepared to face challenges and overcome difficulties. In this world that is ever changing, i feek that no matter what the environment or situation , we always have to be prepared , as we will not be able to know whats coming beyond the bend .
Thus i feel that even in times of peace and harmony , we should always be wary and alert. Ready to react to whatever hardships we may have to face in the near future.


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Blogger Elizabeth said...

I can see that Singapore is heading towards another major success. That is moving towards their goal of full employment. I guess Singaporeans have to admit that they have a group of capable and efficient leaders. Hence, they should consider themselves very lucky. Eventhough we do not have a full range of resources available for us to work on and eventhough Singapore may not be as large or wealthy as the other countires, but we still manage to surpass the rest. This just shows that one's success will never blossom overnight.

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