Friday, February 02, 2007

Singapore 2 Thailand 1

In the intense game of soccer, theres always the problem of sportsmanship. well in this recent case between our young lions and Thailand, a situation that caused much debate cropped up.
It was a fair and intense game the whole time with the score stuck to 1 a piece. Until the 82nd minute came , when a penaty was awarded to Singapore.
Incensed by the decision , Thai players staged a walk out, all 11 of them walked out the pitch in a protest against the refree. They held the whole match up for 15 minutes refusing to agree to the refree.
I feel that this incidient does not reflect very well on Thailand. In the past Thailand was well known for its people who were calm, considerate and polite, but after such an event, many people may change their looks towards the country.
In every single football match , no matter how bad the refree is, the refree always has the last say, all hands down . I feel thatt the Thais should have just let the decision be and play on, instead of creating such a big comosion.
In any case the next clash between the two teams will now be staged in Bangkok, and being the loyal supporter that i am , i say GO LIONS !


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