Monday, July 17, 2006

Japanese toy makers target adults at play

THE STRAITS TIMES monday 17 july 2006

Now as the senior population starts to increase in strenght while the birth rate continues to plumet, Japanese toy makers have started to shift their target audience from children towards adults. The new audience also now known as the "kidult" audience targeted my toy makers now onsist of people still young at heart, ranging ages from 30 to 40 years old.
Examples of some of the goodies installed were handphone controlled cars and even a hand held game console which can scan your brain for stress levels ! the list of "kidult" toys go down a long line, a whooping 35,000 of them to be exact !!!
I believe that the world has now seen a great shift in the industry, long since our time had the toy industry been aiming their "ray guns" at little children and teenagers, but now they have started to aim their toys towards adults.
This shift would help the Japanese toy economy recover from its great losses due to the low birth rates.


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