Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Lift fine fo thise who dont vote

FORUM may 2
a fine has been set for all the people who did not vote during the elections, a minor $% fine has been implicated by the elections comitee, to be imposed on those citizens who did not vote during the elections. unless they have valid reasons, a small fine or $5 is required . Singapore has one of the worlds most number of voters, and we should keep it that way and mantain it at that particular level . Therefore , i feel that the $5 fine should be lifted ,and a new fine be imposed, as in a counrty like Singapore, $5 would not cause that much of a hole in the pocket, as i believe that the elections are very imortnant, a much heavier fine should be implemented, to ensure that people will vote. i was thinking a fine of maybe $10 or more should be put in play, this would ensure that voters in Singapore would vote !


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