Thursday, May 04, 2006

Factory rejects? Govt spends more on ITE students than JC ones

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This was what opposition WP leader Chiam See Tong said about the school streaming system set up by the PAP , he complained that JC students were given lesser attention as compared to the ITE students, as $7000 more was spent on each ITE student as compared to a JC student, and then he quoted that ITE students were "factory rejects" . I stand by minister Tharman who took on Mr Tong , and defended the rights of the ITE students.
In my point of view, many taughts ran throught my mind , like who the heck does this fellow think he is? who in the world gave him the authority to criticise people who are in the ITE? i am totally disgusted by his speech , if you had something to talk about in rallies , please speak of something of real quality or base, not just fashionable political talk.
does he not know that different people have different learning styles? many people like him think that ITE means "Its The End" , but i beg to differ , some ITE student find jobs faster then graduates, and their skills in their work may surpase those of the JC students.
Thus i say please do not defame people if you have no right or no proof to what you have to say .


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