Sunday, March 05, 2006

Budget not a GE sweetener, says PM

The Straits Times pg 1

Pm says the budget is for future growth and not to gain the hearts and votes of the people.
In my point of view, the budget set by the government is BOTH a way to gain more votes of the people AND a way to promote future growth of Singapore, yes one reason of having the budget would be to sweeten the people before the general elections BUT even so , the budget DOES help in the future of Singapore , the 2.6 Billion $dollar "progress pakage" to help the needy in Singapore who have stable jobs but cannot make that well a living from it. Therefore even though the people may say that the Budget may be a sweetener for the people when the GE comes, this MOVE also helps to strenghten the Singapore economy in the future, therefore NO one can truly say the real meaning of the budget itself , only the PM will know its true meaning.


Blogger mickeymonkey said...

Similar to Bryan's, I believe that the budget works both ways, trying to gain the peoples' votes and trying to ensure the stability of our future too. I am quite certain that the government is aware of this.

<3 stef:)

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