Sunday, February 12, 2006

EAT less , LIVE longer

Life Page Febuary 12 '06 L9
"eat LESS or STOP eating when you still want to eat MORE . Exercise everyday, work hard and SLEEP" were some of the words of wisdom our minister mentor had to give when popped with the question what kept his good health .
now in a country like Singapore, where food is abundant and available till the whee hours of the morning, more and more people are indulging themselves in the many delicacies that Singapore has , food like laksa , char kuay teow,chicken rice are common favourites, not forgetting the hundreds of fast food restraunts all around Singapore, i think that Singaporeans should really start to watch their diet .
eating fruits has also proved to help you to lenghten your lifespan , as fruits have many nutritional values for the body .
Furthermore eating less has proven to cause people to live longer ! as staying healthy is the key to a long life.
So food for thought , if you eat less AND correctly, you will live longer


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