Friday, January 27, 2006

Rotten To The Core 2

Friday January 27 life page 5

I refer to this article written by Eileen Lee on the problem of bad service in Singapore shops.
I have to have a say in this , as I think it is only right that we consumers speak our views , I mean who would like to enter a shop, seconds later only to find that the shop assistants could not care less of what you were going to do ? As proved from what miss/Mrs Eileen Lee experienced, went sales assistant could not be bothered to offer some help to miss/Mrs Lee , she decided not to purchase her item from that shop .
I believe that the Singapore government has emphasized time after time on the issue of courteousy , but although majority of the people are trying to change, there are a minority few who wouldn't care less if you needed their help , and i believe that these people should be dealt with in the right manner ! recently i went on a trip to Sen Zheng for shoppin =g and outside the shopping mall there was a box with forms in them , there a sign was pasted stating , " if you encounter any unhelpful,rude or unpleasant shop assistants please write in and complain to us" i think we should also use these methods to counter "lazy" workers ! thus i end by saying that if you want to be served well , serve others first


Blogger Arcticwolf said...

I agree with your views on service. The standard of service is appalling in certain shopping centres and small shops. Perhaps what Singapore needs in general is a good wake up call in the form of internet postings.

What do i mean? Well, since there have been websites set up to list down names of criminals...why not websites that post the names of shops that give bad service?

9:36 AM  
Blogger Dark Shadow said...

what is the larger impact of bad service for the country? try to inject more depth to your views rather than focus on just the personal level....

your grade is 'B-'


9:04 PM  

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