Friday, January 27, 2006

Jack neo is no Wong Kar Wai

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I was particularly attracted to this news article because time after time again , comparisons of people are made ! but i would like to ask one question , are all these comparisons necessary ? like in the article , Jack neo is no Wong Kar Wai, WHY does jack neo need to take on the role of wong Kar Wai , why can't jack neo be Jack Neo ? i agree that comparrison is important but now adays people make the most (in my point of view) "stupidest" comparisons with celebrities, famous writers,political heads and so on , but i ask again why the comparison ? for example ; people always like to compare new song artists in the likes of people who have obtained the superstar persona such as Michael Jackson and Michael Buble ,it is obvious that new song artists would be no match as compared to these superstars , so why do people still want to compare them? comparing won't get them anywhere, it does not mean that if you compare for example a new singer with lets say Stephanie Sun , the new singer would suddenly become as famous as miss Sun.
now this brings me to another topic on comparison, in a country like Singapore where "kiasuism" exists , comparison has been the hot topic since god knows when, Singaporeans compare about their wealth , compare about their luxuries, compare about their childrens grades, and the list goes on... and this in my point of view has made a very bad impression not only on the individual , but on the whole country itself ! Let me ask , why must all these things be compared? you won't win any prize if you compare with others, (unless its a competition) so therefore i suggest that we should do less comparing and more of improving , we should spend less time comparing and start thinking !


Blogger jiayi said...

hi bryan(ted),

yeah i agree with you that some comparison is neccessary for somethings to excel. moreover i feel that all the uncneccessary comparison can cause harm to others like unduly stress.

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