Sunday, February 05, 2006

Iran ends snap atomic checks, enrichment suspension

i believe that because throughout the years , Iran has made many countries afraid of what it might unleash on them, through countless terrorist attacks to wars to battles all resulting in harsh losses. NOW Iran has plans for nuclear technology , claiming that they are using it for good, whether or not this is true remains unknown , but the UN and many other countries are trying their best to prevent Iran from attaining nuclear technology , as they are worried that Iran might use their nuclear technology to harm other countries, now the world is waiting for the IAEA's decision on whether Iran should continue with their nuclear expeditions. in my view , i would allow Iran to have nuclear technology , on the condition that they be closely monitored and also at the slightest news on nuclear weaponary , close off their access to nuclear technology. therefore if Iran does as it says and use nuclear technology for the good of man kind , it will be a win win situation for Iran and its neighbouring countries


Blogger jiayi said...

Guess what! I think we're the few people who are "nerd" enough to do the blog. Well .. Regarding to this article.. I think that you got a point saying that if Iran wants to produce nuclear weapons for the good of mankind, they should be monitered. however.. I feel that there are not many countries that are transparent to lay down all the things that they had done.

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