Wednesday, March 15, 2006

THREE in FIVE suspects offered bail cannot afford it

the straits times monday march 13

Recently a survey was made on how many people were able to make bail last year. Shockingly, only 5300 out of the 13300 people suspected were able to afford bail , his was due to a high bail offered by courts . As stated by the lawyers, " the amounts set are too high " and " people are being punished prematurely". Bails can range from the thousands and even to the millions, a person who stole $400 worth of cigerettes had to pay $5000 worth of bail , while others who cheated money , forged or accepted bribes had to pay a few million dollars worth of bails. i think that it is unecessary to impose such high bails, as it would only cause bankrupcy to the suspects, further more when suspects cannot afford bail , even if they are innocent, they will have to serve jail time. Thus i stringly suggest that Singapore cleans up its act and imposes proper and affordable bails for its people.


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