Friday, March 24, 2006

Singaporeans more sporty, keen on fitness now

48% work up a sweat at least once a week compared to 38% five years ago. a recent survey shows that more and more people now adays live a much healthier lifestye. this is very good for Singapore, as it being a 24 hour food heaven , Singaporeans really need to sweat it out , if not , the whole of Singapore of Singapore would sink under the immense weight gained by the people. therefore, i think that it is very good that now Singaporeans are more concious of their health, and when you lead a healthy life style you lead a better and longer life <-- "food for thought" for all readers (especially the greedy type! )


Blogger Hoang Long said...

I do not know what Singapore was before but now it's a good new that they start to talk more about fitness. Common, Singaporean footballers. :D

9:30 PM  

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