Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Teheran's nuclear plans worry Gulf states

the straits times monday march 13 pg 15

The civil nuclear power plants built in Iran are almost complete, this brings about alot of worried neighbouring countries into the picture, as Iran's face-off with the west (USA) might turn nasty . As western powers try to prevent Iran from attaining nuclear power, Iran has other plans for its nuclear ambitions. This therefore might cause tensions to rise between Iran and the west.
The most worrying thing about all of this , is that if Iran and the west became hostile, neighbouring countries anrounf Iran , in the Gulf states, would suffer , as they would be in the middle of a battle zone . Although Iran may have its ambitions and goals, it should also stop and think for its neighbouring countries and think how they would be affected if Iran carried on with its nuclear ambitions.
Therefore i think that it would only be right if Iran controlled itself on its nuclear ambitions, or Iran stop s its nuclear ambitions !


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