Monday, May 08, 2006

Gomez stopped from leaving Singapore, police confirm probe

the straits times, may 8 2006
Defeated workers party member James Gomez was stopped from leaving Singapore yesterday and questionedby the police for eight hours. Mr Gomez was stopped because he was under investigation from a complaint sent by the elections department .
For all those that are unsure, James Gomez was the person who claimed that he had submitted his form to the department. when sercurity cameras showed that he did not submit his form.
this caused much problem , as many people such s the PAP accused hi of trying o amage the government and dicredit the elections department.
in my point of view , i think to myself, how careless can a person get? or was he really up to something when he refused to submit his form . people say that he just wanted to create trouble, i feel that he was kind of stupid, knowing that he was a candidate for the elections, why would he want to jeperdise his fellow members in losing the elections?


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