Thursday, May 04, 2006

Changi Hospital cuts down prolonges stays for elderly

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Changi hospital has cut down the times for elderly to stay in the hospitals after they have recovered, this was after studies and tests made by doctors of a few hospitals.
Studies showed that most pateints who stayed in hospitals for prolonged times had reasons such as "social" problems and problems with their families , and thus had no where else to go but stay in the hospitals.
It was shown that all the patients who prolonged their stay in the hospital for more then a month soon caught some infection , even though they were discharged much earlier.
thus i believe that this is a good move done by the hospitals, as this would prevent more confusion and further harm to patients who would already be cured .
The hospital has also done the right thing in helping the elderly who have been in the hospital for a prolonged time , to reunite with their family members , or be able to carry on with their lives.


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