Thursday, May 04, 2006

Poly Student's business makes $100,000 a year

Mr Andrew Koh , had been under many events companies in the past, then he decided to start working for himself.
he started off small , he himself with his buddy, Mr Wong, they moved their "office" into Mr Kohs house , and tried to make the best of the space available.
Andrews parents were unsure about him at the start about his nes "hobby" but they soon realised that their son was really serious in his work, and thus they cheered him on . throught his perservearance and hard work , Andrew Koh's events company grew bigger and bigger , for 2 people to 14 people , and he made his first $100,000 soon after.
i believe that this article can teach us alot in life, if you want something badly, just put in effort and hard work, and soon you will see the results.


Blogger Charmaine said...

I think it's really good example of how solid working can really get us places in life. Something we all can emulate...who knows? Someone might just have a reward like that from hard work...

12:06 AM  

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