Friday, May 05, 2006

PUtting Maternal instincts to work

LIFE paper 4 may 2006
Mom's the word , as more and more businesses are set up to cater to the needs of parents, and their babies.
as when mothers go throught pregnancy, they encounter many problems that affect their daily lives, clothes for an instance , cause problems to mothers, as they are unable to purchase or even find proper/stylish nursing clothes .
now many businesses have been set up that have specialised equipment and facilities for mothers who want to nurse their child, or do any other activity with their child.
in my point of view, i think that these newly set up businesses are very good ideas, as it not only promotes eutrepreneurship, it also gives mothers a wider array of equipment and facilities to use for their babies and children.
in a new generation like this, many mothers are working mothers, and cease to spend ample time with their child, and thus have many difficulties in handleing their child. Thus these small businesses are helping hands which can help promote the relationship between mother and child and thus form closer bonds within the family


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