Monday, May 08, 2006

China names new bishop 'with papal approval'

China and the Vatican have been battling because of problems due to appointment of bishops. the Vatican had criticised China and claimed that China did not inform them of their appointments of the new bishops, and are unhappy that these bishops are being appointed without the popes notice. The Vatican and China have ben trying to create better relations with one another but now they have ended up having a dispute with one another , over a matter which would have been solved easily if both parties put in more effort in communicating with one another. i think that China should have given more respect to the Vatican and let the vatican decide whether or not to appoint the bishops , as the vatican is the most powerful place of its religion , thus defying their "orders" would cause them to have lesser hold and respect from the other countries. Therefore i personally think that China should listen to what the Vatican has to say and act accordingly. Thus if this is done, peace and better relations can and will be made.


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