Monday, July 17, 2006

Staying in shape 2,500 in Women ONLY race

THE STRAITS TIMES monday july 17 2006

5 km and 10 km long were the runswhere 2,500 women slogged it out, in the absence of their male counterparts. They ran in order to stay in SHAPE, the event organised by Singapore press holdings' women health magazine shape .
the issue of sexism was brought up by one of the reporters due to this event, this event is one of the start of many other "women only" events run by the association.
i believe that the thought of women being the weaker sex is slowly crumbling and becoming a thing of the past. Now in the 21st century , women have the right to speak, and do anything that the wish. sooner or later, we will start to see women rising up , breaking beyond that invisible window , and going higher up the social, economical and political ladder then they could have ever imagined.
This may be a good thing for women as it will ensure equality, but from the mens point of view, things might get abit more noisy in the futue.


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