Monday, July 17, 2006

Man Of The Match

Life page monday july 17 2006

Who needsthe Singapore football team to reach the world cup finals when we have the no.1 most voted refree on ESPN soccernet. Our very our Mr Shamsul Maidin featured in 4 world cup matches and was never questioned nor criticised for his calls andcards during all 4 games. This entitled him to the role of being the no.1 most voted refree in the list of top refrees during the World Cup in germany.
I believe that Mr Shamsul has done us proud, i after hearing his good deeds, i myself am proud of being a Singaporean! i believe that what he has done has inspired many people in Singapore to reach out further for their dreams.
If Mr shamsul would still be the refree in the 2010 World Cup in Africa, i believe that he would do us all proud again. I hope that more of us Singaporeans can step up just like what mr Shamsul has done, with his courage and strenght i believe Singapore can go even further in the world.


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