Monday, July 17, 2006

Tourists pose danger to ancient Tibetan palace

THE STRAITS TIMES 17 july monday 2006

The UNESCO world heritage organization has been trying its best to protect and preserve the 7th century Potala Palace situated in the high mountains of Tibet , but sadly due to the threat of tourism ,the hordes of visitors from around the world come to view its palace and slowly but steadily are destroying it, Sadly the rooms of the majestic Palace cannot wistand the heavy steps of the thousands of tourists and have begun to show signs of weariness.
Although the tourists from around the world bring much profit to the country, Tibet's main aim is not to earn money, but to ensure the preservation of its beloved Palace.
Many countries in the world have been experiencing the same problems such as their Tibetan counterparts, for example, the great wall of China has had many problems due to tourism, where people take back parts of the great wall with them , even in Italy , many ancient buildings and artefacts have been destroyed by tourism.
I think that although tourism may be a good thing, it is also a major problem to many countries as it destroys their rich history.


Blogger Charmaine said...

It is indeed a pity that tourism can cause such wear and tear on our global heritage sites. After all, everyone deserves to see them and learn something about the past. Perhaps if they were more aware of how they affected the heritage sites, tourists might take more care while enjoying history.

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