Sunday, August 20, 2006

Singaporeans say PM Lee's rally speech resonates with them

Many felt it touched their lives. One was glad that it wasn't just about dollars and cents. Even foreign-born citizens wanted their say.

They said they liked what they heard from PM Lee. It was a speech that resonated with them, especially when the topics were close to their hearts. "I quite like the part that he said that you know that Singaporeans need to have more babies. I feel that it is true," said a Singaporean. "I'm glad it wasn't just about goodies and dollars....I think the Singapore psyche is really a lot more than just dollars and cents," said another.

These were the words of our fellow Singaporeans after the speech d
one by our PM Lee, this shows that the people of Singapore are pleased with its Government, and that what the Government is doing is right.
As a Singaporean myself i am proud of my country and hope that this will continue on further and turn Singapore into an International hub and a home for all.


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