Monday, February 26, 2007

Ban on Organ Trading entirely irrational

The straits times16 January

Recently Dr lee Wei Ling of the National Neurological Institute touched on the topic of Organ trading and began to state that organ trading was a positive thing and should not be banned, she stated that If a person needing a transplant is willing to pay for it, what is wrong with allowing this, so as long as Singaporeans and Prs take priority over foreigners.

In my point of view, i think that there are two sides to the coin here , and whatever the final decision it will leave the loser with a bitter taste in their mouths, to ban or not to ban , many sceptics have commented on this and gave many reasons not to ban organ trading, such as it would save another persons life , and also expand a pool of organs just in case there is a need for one, they also gave reasons for banning it such as, people selling their organs out of greed and temptation , or seeing the sale of organs as compromising altruism .

In the end we may never come to a conclusion on whether to ban or not, but in my point of view i suggest that if it is beneficial for man-kind then why not have organ trading.


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