Monday, February 26, 2007

Will this day come ? " 0$ pay $ , No $ sell kidney

The Straits Times 18 January 2007

Try imagining a world described by Dr Lee Wei Ling , Mdm Lim Chiong Luan did and this was what she saw.
A young woman selling her kidney to bu her first branded bag. Her boyfriend selling his bone marrow to pay for his first car instalment.
A loan shark harrasing a man to pay up by selling off his organs.
people not working but instead getting money from selling their organs to other people.

These are just some of the senarios that would happen if there was no ban on organ trading, of course there would definitely be some who give or sell their organs out of love and kindness, but the majority would just want to sell thier organs for their own selfish needs. In this pragmatic world of ours, anyone would sell their organs with a little more temptation and a little less self control .

If only everyone could donate or sell their organs out of kindness and compassion, the world would be such a better off place, and no bans for organ trading would ever be needed. this is at this point of time unachievable, but in time as we educate more people about organ trading , and as we make people aware of the positive and negative points of organ trading, we may eventually be able to obtain that kind of world where people sell organs not out of greed or temptation , but out of kindness and love.


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