Tuesday, February 27, 2007

HK SMOG hits danger levels

The straits times Febuary 1 2007

Recently there has been much news about smog and haze affecting many countries, recently Hong Kong experienced dangerous levels of air pollution resulting in the stop of people with respiratory problems from going outdoors.

Singapore not long ago had also experienced such problems due to the forest fires in Indonesia , the air was so polluted that the sky was no longer blue and from afar the CBD looked blur.

I think that the world should do something to stop such air pollution from happening , even with the Kyoto protocol, there are still such problems, thus i think that the world and all its countries should come up with another plan to try and cut down the air pollution. As if we do not act fast , we may encounter dire consequences, global warming would be one of the consequences if do not act now and fast.


Blogger jiayi said...

i agree with you. hong kong should do something about their pollution as this is getting form bad to worse. not only that this will also cause the locals in hong kong to suffer freom respiratory problems. when this happens, the consequences will be dire.

12:05 AM  
Blogger Clarence Tan said...

Funny how with such advance technology, effluent countries such as Hong Kong still struggle to deal with its environmental issues.

With so many recent reports on the effects of Global Warming threatening the well-being of our Mother Earth, it is high time we started to act responsibly by taking good care of her in order to prolong our existence.

4:18 AM  

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