Tuesday, February 27, 2007

New plant ensures rain water does not go to waste

The Straits Times Febuary 1 2007

this new contraption will be able to treat rain water in small rivers , to push Singapore towards A final goal of self sufficiency. with the new water system already running , this new water treatment system will help to boost the amount of fresh water that Singapore can produce by itself, and with this , we would be less reliable on the water that we buy from Malaysia , furthermore if ever Malaysia decides to cut down on the water it supplies to us, we would not take such a heavy blow, as we would still be able to rely on our own ability to produce water for some period of time .

In my point of view i think that these steps are a positive sign showing that our government is doing something about the problems that we face now and in the future. Our ever ready attitude will help us when we start going through tough times. All in all i think that having more of such projects similar to that of the water treatment plant will benefit Singapore in the long run.


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