Sunday, April 01, 2007

Bread + watery porridge + water = 250 calories ............................................. Which is all some maids get to eat a day.

The Straits Times April 1st 2007

I was apalled and disgusted when i came across this article, to think gthat SINGAPOREAN employers have been starving their maids was just a sight for soar eyes.
In the article it stated that everyday people reuire at Least 2100 calories a day adding up to a balanced diet. Living on 250 calories a day would virtually kill the person.
Why do Singaporeans resort to such inhuman acts ? are they so poor that they are unable to afford even a proper meal for their maids ? it is just wrong to hear that people have been treating maids in such a way, and on the other hand treat their dogs like kings. If thats the case people should just hire dogs to be their maids.
All in all i feel that we should give more respect to maids, although we pay them to work for us, they are 100% human exactly like us. What gives us the right to deprive someone else from food ?
So please 250 calories? you got to be kidding !


Blogger Clarence Tan said...

It is indeed saddening to learn that fellow Singaporeans are mistreating their domestic helpers.

The story of the domestic helper has been a funny tale. Often heavily criticised for silly mistakes committed and never praised for her contributions, the domestic helper in Singapore has yet again found herself in the spotlight.

At least I am heartened to know that someone cares enough to write an article about this. Let's hope that it does not stop here and that people in power will see to it that these domestic helpers get the kind of treatment they deserve from their employers.

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