Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Myanmar to provide Singapore with sand and granite

The straits times 4 april 2007

Recently cargo ships full of sand and granite due for Singapore from indonesia were withdrawn , as the Indonesian government refused to provide Singapore with sand and granite, this put Singapore in a dilema. Being a country with no natural resources the only choice of obtaining such resources is to buy them from neighbouring countries willing to provide them .

Thankfully Myanmar stepped up to the play and is now trying out a long term basis of providing Singapore with both sand and granite, with this we will be able to continue construction on various key points in Singapore with were halted due to the withdrawal of sand and granite from Indonesia.

This would definitely further strenghten ties between Myanmar and Singapore , and also help to build inter country relationships between Singapore and Myanmar. As when the time comes when Myanmar requires assistance that Singapore is able to provide, Singapore will definitely try its best to assist.


Blogger Clarence Tan said...

It seems Singapore has not been doing too well on the diplomacy front here in South East Asia.

Already ties with Malaysia have been somewhat unstable, the recent sand ban by Indonesia certainly does not help the situation our foreign department is facing.

A former Indonesian president actually said that anyone caught exporting sand to Singapore illegally from Indonesia ought to be shot directly, no questions asked. I just hope that our diplomats will see to it that bilateral ties between our nation and others such as Malaysia and Indonesia are reconciled so that this region can look forward to greater growth in the future.

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