Wednesday, April 04, 2007

RI class of 64 relives good old days

The straits times 4 april 2007.

Why have i picked this article ? this is because down the road after we have all left our own schools and entered the busy world of jobs and bussineses will we ever still remember the times we had in our school ?
What the RI class of 64 have done is they compilled all their stories of their time as a rafflesian and squeezed them all into one book , the book titled "under the Banyan tree" contains memoires and events of the past rafflesians during their school days, adding their own history into the many libraries and archives tha6t we have.
i personally think that it is a very good idea to do such a thing and i would encourage others to do the same, as we would be able to relive our pasts times in school in the books that we write in the present ! and share these books with the world !


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