Monday, July 17, 2006

Man Of The Match

Life page monday july 17 2006

Who needsthe Singapore football team to reach the world cup finals when we have the no.1 most voted refree on ESPN soccernet. Our very our Mr Shamsul Maidin featured in 4 world cup matches and was never questioned nor criticised for his calls andcards during all 4 games. This entitled him to the role of being the no.1 most voted refree in the list of top refrees during the World Cup in germany.
I believe that Mr Shamsul has done us proud, i after hearing his good deeds, i myself am proud of being a Singaporean! i believe that what he has done has inspired many people in Singapore to reach out further for their dreams.
If Mr shamsul would still be the refree in the 2010 World Cup in Africa, i believe that he would do us all proud again. I hope that more of us Singaporeans can step up just like what mr Shamsul has done, with his courage and strenght i believe Singapore can go even further in the world.

Tourists pose danger to ancient Tibetan palace

THE STRAITS TIMES 17 july monday 2006

The UNESCO world heritage organization has been trying its best to protect and preserve the 7th century Potala Palace situated in the high mountains of Tibet , but sadly due to the threat of tourism ,the hordes of visitors from around the world come to view its palace and slowly but steadily are destroying it, Sadly the rooms of the majestic Palace cannot wistand the heavy steps of the thousands of tourists and have begun to show signs of weariness.
Although the tourists from around the world bring much profit to the country, Tibet's main aim is not to earn money, but to ensure the preservation of its beloved Palace.
Many countries in the world have been experiencing the same problems such as their Tibetan counterparts, for example, the great wall of China has had many problems due to tourism, where people take back parts of the great wall with them , even in Italy , many ancient buildings and artefacts have been destroyed by tourism.
I think that although tourism may be a good thing, it is also a major problem to many countries as it destroys their rich history.

Japanese toy makers target adults at play

THE STRAITS TIMES monday 17 july 2006

Now as the senior population starts to increase in strenght while the birth rate continues to plumet, Japanese toy makers have started to shift their target audience from children towards adults. The new audience also now known as the "kidult" audience targeted my toy makers now onsist of people still young at heart, ranging ages from 30 to 40 years old.
Examples of some of the goodies installed were handphone controlled cars and even a hand held game console which can scan your brain for stress levels ! the list of "kidult" toys go down a long line, a whooping 35,000 of them to be exact !!!
I believe that the world has now seen a great shift in the industry, long since our time had the toy industry been aiming their "ray guns" at little children and teenagers, but now they have started to aim their toys towards adults.
This shift would help the Japanese toy economy recover from its great losses due to the low birth rates.

Staying in shape 2,500 in Women ONLY race

THE STRAITS TIMES monday july 17 2006

5 km and 10 km long were the runswhere 2,500 women slogged it out, in the absence of their male counterparts. They ran in order to stay in SHAPE, the event organised by Singapore press holdings' women health magazine shape .
the issue of sexism was brought up by one of the reporters due to this event, this event is one of the start of many other "women only" events run by the association.
i believe that the thought of women being the weaker sex is slowly crumbling and becoming a thing of the past. Now in the 21st century , women have the right to speak, and do anything that the wish. sooner or later, we will start to see women rising up , breaking beyond that invisible window , and going higher up the social, economical and political ladder then they could have ever imagined.
This may be a good thing for women as it will ensure equality, but from the mens point of view, things might get abit more noisy in the futue.