Monday, March 27, 2006

Police will be out on force for rally .The Straits Times 23 march

Prime minister Thaksin has made headlines all over the world , now that his personal rally has camped outside his office, refusing to budge until prime minister Thaksin steps down . the rally has caused much mayhem and unrest in the country . Thailands once booming economy is now down in the dumps , as the few days of protesting has stopped businesses and work. therefore i think that Prime minister Thaksin should do what he think is right , although i am not sure what that is , but if he can jumpstart Thailands economy and get the ball rolling, i believe that the conflict will be resolved and protests dissapeared

china slaps taxes on luxury goods and wooden chopsticks The straits times 23 march

Consumption taxes changedto redress rich-poor gap and protect environment , CHINA will slap a tax on disposable wooden chopsticksand various goods ranging from yatchs to petrol , in an attempt to protect the environment and redress the gap between rich and poor . i think this is a very smart move done by CHINA , after the many complaints from other countries about its distribution of money . CHINA has finally stepped up to deal with the problem of its people, as although there are many wealthy people in CHINA, there are 10 to 100 times more people living in poverty.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Thwarting Terror in the heart of Manila The Straits Times Thurs march 26 5006

Terror is lurking in Manila , as recent reports show that 600kg of explosives were found , they were intended for a large scale attack on the various commercial districts around Manila . it was stated that the terrorists wanted to make a big "bang" . these terror threats, or terrorists have caused alot of trouble and raised much disputes around the world. I myself think that the terrorists are trying to convey a message to the world, but what i dont understand is that why do they have to use violence to convey their message? why cant they just use the diplomatic or peaceful approach to solving their problems ! i think that the world would be such a better place without terrorists and people fighting their own wars !

Friday, March 24, 2006

Singaporeans more sporty, keen on fitness now

48% work up a sweat at least once a week compared to 38% five years ago. a recent survey shows that more and more people now adays live a much healthier lifestye. this is very good for Singapore, as it being a 24 hour food heaven , Singaporeans really need to sweat it out , if not , the whole of Singapore of Singapore would sink under the immense weight gained by the people. therefore, i think that it is very good that now Singaporeans are more concious of their health, and when you lead a healthy life style you lead a better and longer life <-- "food for thought" for all readers (especially the greedy type! )

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Teheran's nuclear plans worry Gulf states

the straits times monday march 13 pg 15

The civil nuclear power plants built in Iran are almost complete, this brings about alot of worried neighbouring countries into the picture, as Iran's face-off with the west (USA) might turn nasty . As western powers try to prevent Iran from attaining nuclear power, Iran has other plans for its nuclear ambitions. This therefore might cause tensions to rise between Iran and the west.
The most worrying thing about all of this , is that if Iran and the west became hostile, neighbouring countries anrounf Iran , in the Gulf states, would suffer , as they would be in the middle of a battle zone . Although Iran may have its ambitions and goals, it should also stop and think for its neighbouring countries and think how they would be affected if Iran carried on with its nuclear ambitions.
Therefore i think that it would only be right if Iran controlled itself on its nuclear ambitions, or Iran stop s its nuclear ambitions !

THREE in FIVE suspects offered bail cannot afford it

the straits times monday march 13

Recently a survey was made on how many people were able to make bail last year. Shockingly, only 5300 out of the 13300 people suspected were able to afford bail , his was due to a high bail offered by courts . As stated by the lawyers, " the amounts set are too high " and " people are being punished prematurely". Bails can range from the thousands and even to the millions, a person who stole $400 worth of cigerettes had to pay $5000 worth of bail , while others who cheated money , forged or accepted bribes had to pay a few million dollars worth of bails. i think that it is unecessary to impose such high bails, as it would only cause bankrupcy to the suspects, further more when suspects cannot afford bail , even if they are innocent, they will have to serve jail time. Thus i stringly suggest that Singapore cleans up its act and imposes proper and affordable bails for its people.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Anti-Chen march draws 30,000

thousads of people marched through down town Taipei on the 12 of march to protest against President Chen Shui-bian's tough line on China, the demonstrators complained on day to day problems faced by the Taiwanese people . Their slogans, "Fighting for Livelyihood" and "Saving Taiwan!" were echoed all all around the presidential palace. Mr Chens speech which pressed on the issue on the independence from China ,ignited the people which caused them to riot throughout the streets. I think that Singapore has a lesson to learn from this , Singapore is a free country therefore anything that the president or government says can be a touchy issue, therefore Singapore must be aware of what decisions and propositions that they make, as any wrong thing said may cause mayhem in our peaceful garden city

Mardan Makes golf history on home ground the straits times 13/3/06

Mrdan Mamat shot himself into the golf history a few days ago , after he became the first Singaporean to win a European Tour Event , Mardan won US$1 million dollars , and also showed other countries that Singapores Golfers were a force to reckon with , this brings Singapore in a good position for the golfing world and brings pride and joy to the Singaporean community and its people. Now he has an orportunity play in other European tours for the rest of the season . Now Singapore has more of a chance in the golfing world, as young golfers now have a role model , and someone to look up to when it comes to big tournaments.

Sunday, March 05, 2006


Straits times , thirsday march 2 2006

WHO i nthe world would ever think, China would be a country which lacks man power, as in the past China had a one child policy , whereby each family would only be allowed to have one child, but now because of that one child policy, China is facing a upcoming baby shortage, thus i believe that China should scrape the one child policy and start afresh with the normal policy , this way the problem of baby shortage will be SOLVED

Budget not a GE sweetener, says PM

The Straits Times pg 1

Pm says the budget is for future growth and not to gain the hearts and votes of the people.
In my point of view, the budget set by the government is BOTH a way to gain more votes of the people AND a way to promote future growth of Singapore, yes one reason of having the budget would be to sweeten the people before the general elections BUT even so , the budget DOES help in the future of Singapore , the 2.6 Billion $dollar "progress pakage" to help the needy in Singapore who have stable jobs but cannot make that well a living from it. Therefore even though the people may say that the Budget may be a sweetener for the people when the GE comes, this MOVE also helps to strenghten the Singapore economy in the future, therefore NO one can truly say the real meaning of the budget itself , only the PM will know its true meaning.