Sunday, August 20, 2006

Singaporeans say PM Lee's rally speech resonates with them

Many felt it touched their lives. One was glad that it wasn't just about dollars and cents. Even foreign-born citizens wanted their say.

They said they liked what they heard from PM Lee. It was a speech that resonated with them, especially when the topics were close to their hearts. "I quite like the part that he said that you know that Singaporeans need to have more babies. I feel that it is true," said a Singaporean. "I'm glad it wasn't just about goodies and dollars....I think the Singapore psyche is really a lot more than just dollars and cents," said another.

These were the words of our fellow Singaporeans after the speech d
one by our PM Lee, this shows that the people of Singapore are pleased with its Government, and that what the Government is doing is right.
As a Singaporean myself i am proud of my country and hope that this will continue on further and turn Singapore into an International hub and a home for all.

Schools encouraged to use animation to teach National Education

Schools are looking for more creative ways to teach National Education.

One of the newest ways of teaching students is by using Animation. In the new IT age, one of the best interactive and active ways in helping students to study is by using animation.

Furthermore using Animation, students and teachers will be able to communicate and interact better with one another, as animation can be a way in which student and teachers can understand one another better .

Thus Animation is a key to further learning.

Friday, August 18, 2006

S'poreans wanted, talent in tow

Singaporeans are high in demand , Singaporeans are one of the most competitive, honest, and competent people. Why would any company not want such a employee?
The scary thing is that all our talent instead of staying in Singapore are outsourcing to other countries, if the talent in Singapore could stay in Singapore, our country would prosper.
But as our talents are going overseas, our country is in a delima, having talent , but not being able to use them.
Why is this happening?
most of all, it is because the educational institutions such as NUS and SMU do not provide as many incentives as other Universities, just think comparing SMU with Havard.

Beckham Kicked out of National team

The Straits Times

After Sven Goran Erikson the former coach of he England football squad stepped down , the new England Coach, Steve Mclaren immediately kicked David Beckham out of the England squad.
Reason being that he was not as good as he used to be, his standards dropped drastically there were better people who could fill in the spot that he was in . Thus his leaving from the team would actually help the team .
Results showed straight after with Beckhams leaving , as England thrashed sweden 4-0 , with goals from their newly appointed captain John Terry.
Thus sacrificing someone for another may be a better choice .

How Polite Are We???

The Straits Times

How Polite are we ? Singaporeans have been pounded by this question , are we polite? Well a general poll showed that most people think that Singaporeans are not very polite. This has been shown in recent articles stating "lazy store keepers" or "vulgar shop keepers".

i think that Singaporeans should start to TRY and be more polite and break free from their stuck up lives, its just a sight for sore eyes when you see a shop keeper or assistant being unattentive and trying to avoid you.

Furthermore with the upcoming IMM cinference i think that it would help if Singaporeans try to change and break free from their impoliteness.The Straits Times

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Could it be just hype that Singapore is home to really good food?

Lifestyle August 13

Many say Yes to the fact that out of the 20000 food stalls here, 7 out of 10 of them sell food that leaves much to be desired. To me its no coincidence that Singapore has such good food, in a hard working society like Singapore, good food is generally desired, thus chefs and hawkers strive for the best and hone their skills to we our hungry appetites.
Have you ever tried the hawker food here in Singapore? although people complain that its dirty, oily and so on... i doubt these people have ever been to a hawker centre before, they hide in air conditioned food courts and posh restaraunts. If they really tried the Singapore hawker food they would have second thoughts of saying the same thing again.